Image of RS.AL.E.003 - White Polinices Drop Hook Earring

RS.AL.E.003 - White Polinices Drop Hook Earring



Brushed Gold plated Mismatched white polinices Shell Earring

The Gold plating on this collection is treated with a matte finish, this will eventually wear off areas of each piece and is not a fault but an intentional part of the design.
As shells polish against sand in the ocean the plating will also slowly polish to a shiny gold mostly in areas that
touch your skin, creating a unique texture to your earring.
The brass base will also naturally patina and change tone in areas and give a natural brown tone over time.

All earring posts and hooks are Sterling silver.

Each shell is unique and no two are the same, while we try our best to ensure the size of each shell is the same the shell may vary slightly.

Shell Earring Drop (approximately) = 9cm
Metal Bead Drop Earring = 6.5cm

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